Questions to Ask
the Soul of Your Business
for Clarity, Confidence

Knowing what questions to ask will dramatically affect the quality of the answers you get.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Gracie M - Business Coach

"Linda gives great ideas of questions to ask of your business and client's businesses. This knowledge has been incredibly useful and valuable for me."

Sandy R - Communications Coach

"I have had a increase in clients and income as well as immense upscale in productivity. My growth has been accelerated in this program."

Debbie J - Healer

"With the methods that Linda presents in a clear format I have gained confidence in achieving my business's goals."

About Linda Berger

My super power is being bilingual in combining the language of business coaching with the wisdom of the soul as an International Akashic Records Teacher.

I tame the woowoo to help you clearly identify strategic plans in marketing, sales, and growth and utilize powerful tools from the Soul of your Business, to help it succeed in fulfilling its contracts with the segment of LIFE that has called it into being.